Invisalign®: Straight Talk About Smile Enhancement

Less than 20 years ago the only option available to straighten teeth involved brackets, cement, and wires. With the development of 3-D printing came an exciting innovation, Invisalign®, a clear silicone tray that gently repositions teeth. While the public was intrigued by this nearly invisible orthodontic alternative, many people were disappointed to learn that this innovative straightening method was only... read more »

Perfecting Your Smile with Innovative Invisalign®

Getting a straight, beautiful smile used to take a lot of hard work through difficult procedures and equipment. But today's innovative dental industry now offers a wide array of quicker, easier, and healthier methods for perfecting your smile. Invisalign is one such treatment, boasting a variety of advantages in a fast, convenient, treatment method. But what exactly is Invisalign? We're... read more »