Dental Technology

At North Coast Dental Excellence, we are committed to using high-quality equipment that utilizes the latest technological advances and dental methodology. Our dentist, Dr. Farhad Sharifi, and our dental team use top-of-the-line dental technology in Oceanside, California, to take care of your oral health needs. Give our team a call at 760-941-1414 today to learn more about the tools we use to work on your smile.

Dental technology has come a long way in recent years, and there are now many ways to improve your dental care. Our dentist can use dental technology to help you get the best possible results from your treatment. Dental technology includes not only cutting-edge equipment and tools, but also the treatment techniques and materials our dentist and team use when providing your care.

Dental technology can be used to:

    • Diagnose dental problems early
    • Find hidden dental problems
    • Treat dental problems more effectively
    • Prevent dental problems from getting worse
    • Improve the appearance of your teeth and smile
    • Help you regain your oral health and function
    • Ensure more precise and comfortable care

Each member of our team has received the necessary training to use advanced dental technology safely and effectively to enhance your oral health. We are committed to providing you with quality, individualized care and to making your treatment experience as comfortable and effective as possible each time you visit us.

If you have any concerns about your dental health or any questions about the technologies used in our office, be sure to talk to our dentist and team. We will be able to advise you on the best course of treatment for your individual needs.