Invisalign®: Straight Talk About Smile Enhancement

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Less than 20 years ago the only option available to straighten teeth involved brackets, cement, and wires. With the development of 3-D printing came an exciting innovation, Invisalign®, a clear silicone tray that gently repositions teeth. While the public was intrigued by this nearly invisible orthodontic alternative, many people were disappointed to learn that this innovative straightening method was only appropriate for those whose smile required minor adjustments.

There have been a few significant improvements since the early years of Invisalign®. Because of advancements in Invisalign® technology, more people are invisibly improving their smiles than ever before. Invisalign® could be your ideal teeth straightening, smile enhancing solution.

Enhancing Your Smile with Invisalign®

The Invisalign® system of straightening involves the use of a series of clear silicone trays worn inconspicuously over teeth. Each custom tray applies just enough pressure to encourage teeth to shift into a more pleasing alignment. Each new aligner gets the wearer one step closer to their ideal smile.

The appeal of Invisalign® to the majority of people using this teeth-straightening method is that the clear silicone trays are molded to fit smoothly over their teeth, treatment is hardly noticeable. While the silicone liners are intended to be worn throughout the day and night, they are easily removed for eating, drinking, and oral care. Just a few of the many advantages of Invisalign® treatment include:

  • The clear silicone aligners are virtually undetectable
  • Oral care remains the same as without braces
  • No mouth irritation from the roughness of brackets and wires
  • There are no dietary restrictions (bracketed braces restrict food choices)
  • Results are typically faster than traditional braces (up to 50 percent faster)
  • Follow-up appointments are quick, easy, and pain-free (no wires to tighten)
  • Tooth movement is more precise and predictable
  • Requires fewer office visits than traditional braces

Invisalign Can Successfully Treat Most Orthodontic Issues

Many people still mistakenly believe that Invisalign® can only be used to correct minor imperfections. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that those days are gone, Invisalign® technology has come a long way since its introduction in the spring of 2000. Today these smooth silicone trays can be used to treat most alignment problems. Invisalign® enthusiasts are using these unique custom aligners for an extensive list of orthodontic issues, including:

  • Repositioning crowded teeth
  • Repositioning turned teeth
  • General straightening
  • Closing an open bite
  • Realigning an overbite
  • Correcting an underbite
  • Repositioning a crossbite
  • Closing gaps between teeth

The Health Advantages of Straightening Teeth

Traditional orthodontic braces can make teeth more difficult to care for, plaque and tartar can build up around brackets and damage tooth enamel. With Invisalign® clear silicone aligners, oral care is much easier. You simply remove the Invisalign® aligners to brush and floss as you normally would. The one significant difference with using clear aligners is that they will need to be removed for meals and snacks. You will also need to clean your teeth before reinserting your Invisalign® aligners.

Whichever method of orthodontic straightening you select, there are definite health advantages to investing in the alignment of your teeth. Straight teeth are considered much easier to care for. Having your teeth straightened can also protect your future health. Consider the following benefits of investing in the health and appearance of your smile:

  • Decreased risk of cavities – misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean
  • Reduced risk of periodontal disease – gums often do not fit properly around turned teeth
  • Decreased risk of jaw and facial pain – bite misalignment can cause recurring or chronic pain
  • Decreases stress on the temporomandibular joint – reducing the risk of arthritis and TMJ
  • Decreases the risk of serious health complications – inflammation from periodontal disease increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy complications

The Invisalign® Treatment Program Designed for Teens

Research indicates that many parents tend to underestimate the extent that having crooked teeth impacts teen self-esteem. Ironically, the thought of wearing traditional braces is also a common source of teen anxiety. Since Invisalign® is virtually undetectable, orthodontic treatment is not likely to be a traumatic experience for your teen.

But not all parents are initially convinced that Invisalign® treatment is the best alternative for their teen. Teens are quite busy, sometimes forgetful, and their clear aligners must be removed several times throughout the day during meals and snacks. Many parents express concerns that their teens will lose, damage, or avoid wearing their aligners, potentially adding to the cost of straightening their teeth.

Invisalign® anticipated parental concerns. Invisalign Teen®, a program specifically developed with young people in mind, offers compliance verification and free tray replacement. Invisalign Teen® trays are crafted with a blue dot indicator; the color fades with wear so parents, orthodontists, and dentists can quickly confirm if aligners are being worn as directed. Invisalign Teen® participants are also eligible for six free replacement aligners during the course of their treatment to replace any tray that is lost or damaged.

Invisalign® can realign a smile up to 50 percent faster than traditional braces, with fewer office visits and less discomfort.

Some of the Many Advantages of Invisalign® for Teens Include:

  • No additional appointments to replace broken wires
  • Less discomfort and mouth irritation than traditional braces
  • No long, uncomfortable appointments to tighten braces
  • Won’t interfere with the embouchure of woodwind or brass musicians
  • No risk of mouth injury from braces for teens who play contact sports
  • No restrictions on foods – teens can still enjoy the same foods as friends

Invisalign is More Competitively Priced than Most Realize

Since Invisalign® offers so many distinct advantages over traditional bracketed braces, many people mistakenly assume that Invisalign® treatment is a lot more expensive than metal or ceramic braces. Not so, the costs of Invisalign® is quite comparable to the cost of braces. You may also be a bit surprised to learn that most insurance companies cover all types of braces in the same manner, making no distinctions between your orthodontic options.

Though many find the cost of treatment compared to traditional straightening options, prices can vary by geographic location. You may want to ask your orthodontist or dentist for a cost comparison.

Learn More About Invisalign

Invisalign® can be used to treat many malocclusions that would have been considered too complex just a few years ago, but there are some situations that are still best served with traditional braces. For a consultation in Oceanside, CA, contact North Coast Dental Excellence. It’s never too late to dramatically transform your smile. In addition to Invisalign®, we offer a wide range of services including family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental restoration.