Your Healthy Smile: Whitening, Brightening, and Maintaining the Brilliance

Even the healthiest, most vibrant smiles can dull over time. Teeth are quite porous. Any foods or beverages that can stain your clothing has the potential to discolor your teeth. The yellowing of your teeth can also be influenced by your age, tobacco use, medications, and your overall dental hygiene habits, including the use of home whitening products. Some home... read more »

Understanding the Significant Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth loss from injury, wear, or disease affects much more than the appearance of your smile. Missing teeth can cause a significant blow to your overall health. Until the introduction of dental implants, those with several missing teeth had the choice of a partial denture or a bridge. Both options can damage adjacent teeth. Those who needed an entire upper... read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth designed to permanently replace a missing tooth. They are often constructed of bone-like materials such as titanium. Dental implants are custom to your jaw to support a complete set of dentures. Whether it be due to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay, statistics from the American Association of Oral... read more »

Invisalign®: Straight Talk About Smile Enhancement

Less than 20 years ago the only option available to straighten teeth involved brackets, cement, and wires. With the development of 3-D printing came an exciting innovation, Invisalign®, a clear silicone tray that gently repositions teeth. While the public was intrigued by this nearly invisible orthodontic alternative, many people were disappointed to learn that this innovative straightening method was only... read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Therapy

For some, the very idea of a root canal is anxiety-provoking. However, what if we told you that root canal therapy is an effective, comfortable, and safe procedure? That it's performed on millions of people every year? That it can help save your teeth, minimize pain, and restore a confident smile? It's true: root canal therapy, despite some common myths and misconceptions,... read more »

Perfecting Your Smile with Innovative Invisalign®

Getting a straight, beautiful smile used to take a lot of hard work through difficult procedures and equipment. But today's innovative dental industry now offers a wide array of quicker, easier, and healthier methods for perfecting your smile. Invisalign is one such treatment, boasting a variety of advantages in a fast, convenient, treatment method. But what exactly is Invisalign? We're... read more »

Oceanside, CA: Crowns & Bridges to Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns are used to fully cap over a damaged, weak, or misshapen tooth. Crowns add strength and restore your tooth's appearance. A crown may be used to repair a cracked tooth or strengthen a tooth with a large filling. Discolored or poorly shaped teeth can be improved with dental crowns. Crowns are also used to cover dental implants. If... read more »

Impacted Wisdom Teeth? Why Removal is Best

An impacted wisdom tooth is a dental concern because this condition causes the third molar — most adults have four of these molars, two on top and two on the bottom — to come in at an angle or have issues erupting completely. The main cause of impacted wisdom teeth, which can affect all the teeth or only a few,... read more »

Toothbrush Tips For Good Oral Health

Besides seeing your dentist regularly, properly brushing your teeth at home is the most important thing you can do for your oral health. Why? Perhaps the most important reason is that poor oral health can lead to many health problems throughout the rest of your body. Fun fact: The toothbrush has been around since ancient times. People were resourceful, using wood... read more »

Your Guide to the Treatment and Prevention Of Bad Breath

If you struggle with bad breath, you know the worry and anxiety that can often arise in situations where you're expected to socialize. While you may brush and floss regularly, there may be other causes of your bad breath that can only be identified and treated by a professional. An important part of finding the solution to any problem is... read more »